Inspiring Podcasts to Help You Live Your Best Life

Ever wish for super ninja mojo some days?  Maybe you’re like me and always thought that if you could have just one super power, you’d choose more time in your day!  😉  I think just about all Moms are taxed for time and find themselves wondering how to get it all done.  So often it feels like we have a never ending to do list, with limited time in which to get it all done every day.  What’s a Mom to do?  Enter podcasts!  What’s so great about podcasts?  Let me tell you about it!

One of my favorite time saving hacks I’ve discovered are listening to podcasts while working out, running errands, cooking dinner, cleaning bathrooms – the list goes on!

We all have basic human needs that are pretty universal – we need education, professional development, fitness know how and inspiration, spiritual development, and parents and married folk need to be encouraged and equipped in their marriage and parenthood journey.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, right?

Well the cool thing is – there’s a podcast for that – all of it, and more!  So today I’m sharing a few of my favorites and hoping you’ll share your faves too if you’ve discovered the big, wide world of podcasts  🙂

Inspiring podcasts to help you live your best live and build a blog or business that makes a difference





Just because I think they’re fascinating

Inspiring podcasts to help you live your best live and build a blog or business that makes a difference

Many of these podcasts overlap into multiple categories but I categorized them into what they talk about probably a bit more often than anything else.  Are you a fan of podcasts too?  If so – what are YOUR favorite podcasts?  Do tell – I’m always looking for more to listen to and I know others are too!  Let us know in the comments below  🙂

And if you’re looking for more opportunities to connect with bloggers and entrepreneurial types, check out this great opportunity to grow together and learn at your own pace!


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  1. Good collection here, Sybil. Believe it or not I have never listened to a podcast, although I love listening to audiobooks. I guess it is a medium I need to give a closer look.

    Posted 5.15.15 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      Oh yes, they’re great! Enjoy 🙂

      Posted 5.17.15 Reply
  2. SWEEEEET!!!! I can’t wait to listen to some of these, Sybil! THANK YOU!! 🙂

    Posted 5.15.15 Reply
  3. Mary wrote:

    I’m partial to TED talks but find myself intrigued by your recommendations. Thanks for the list.

    Posted 5.15.15 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      Absolutely! I love TED talks too and would totally listen to more if I could find a way to take them on the go with me 😉

      Posted 5.17.15 Reply
      • Mary wrote:

        I listen to them on my phone while walking or doing chores

        Posted 5.17.15 Reply
  4. Wow, I find this really useful!

    We are in the car kind of often and I’m getting bored of just listening to music and was wondering if there was some sort of good talk radio for me. Kind of funny. I doubt it, though.

    I didn’t even think about podcasts. I’m not even sure if I’ve ever listened to one before. I’m definitely going to check out some of these. Thanks!

    Posted 5.16.15 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      Yay glad this was helpful for you! Enjoy!

      Posted 5.17.15 Reply
  5. I love this list! Thanks for including the B2B podcast!!

    Posted 6.30.15 Reply