How to Find Your Unique Voice as a Blogger

If you’re a blogger, or have ever even thought about blogging, this one’s for you baby  😉

I was recently asked to speak to a group of business owners about blogging. You shoulda seen it – I’m pretty sure I actually laughed out loud when I read the email!  Thank goodness for my husband convincing me it was legit and encouraging me to go for it.  Don’t we all sometimes need that voice of encouragement to remind us we’re enough, we’re chosen, we’re wanted?  As awesome as it can be to have someone by our side at those moments, sometimes we’re challenged with having no one to turn to but the One who planned it all in the first place.  What would it look like to turn from the voice of doubt and turn to the the voice of ultimate encouragement?  Let’s talk about it!

How to Find Your Own Unique Voice as a Blogger

Have you ever noticed how being immersed in the blogging world can fuel comparison like few other things can?  In all my prior jobs, never before had I ever been slightly tempted to compare myself to how my co-workers did things.

Becoming a blogger changed all that shockingly quickly.

It’s wonderful that we’re all in this together, and I love so many things about that camaraderie! Yet I have found I need to “keep my eyes on my own paper” or I can start to question whether I should be doing what everyone else is doing.

Everywhere I look {online} there’s evidence of what seems to work well and what doesn’t.  I’m driven to distraction just considering all the possibilities.  Realizing all that I could do – all that I could write about and seek to connect with others on – it’s enough to make my head swim.

The thing is though?  I can’t fill every niche.  I can’t be someone I’m not.  I don’t need to write about all the topics everyone else is writing about, nor do I truly want to.

But what I can do – I can be faithful to today.  I can be a good steward of the unique influence God has given me.  I can manage my time well.  I can write from my heart.  I can love others well in the comments section of my blogs.  I can be who God made me to be.

Comparison kills contentment. When my eyes wander, I start to see what could be. I let it steal the joy of what is. Today I will rest in the Lord, for he has done great things for me!

I can take one day at a time, starting with today.  I can soak up the good gifts He has already given and be thankful – not dwelling on the what-if questions for tomorrow.

I can simply be faithful to today.

How can you be faithful to today?  How are you feeling called to work well?

How to Find Your Unique Voice as a Blogger

For a more encouragement, check out this post on dreaming big and this post on learning to take the long term view.  Consider them a virtual hug, from me to you!  To read more about what I’m learning on this unique blogging journey of mine, click here or click here  🙂  And be sure to check back in the next few days, if you’d like to see the typed up version of what I will be sharing at my talk I mentioned above.  It’s coming up next Tuesday, and I will be posting what I’ll be talking about here on the blog.

I’d love to keep up the conversation and hear about your journey in the comments below!

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  1. Susannah wrote:

    Goodness, yes! It’s amazing how blogging becomes such a competition if we let it. We truly should be striving to use our blogs for His glory and not worry about stats, comments, etc.

    Posted 2.24.15 Reply
  2. This post is right on time! I love the way you shared this message and it so true! The blogosphere is full of comparison. I certainly have to do my own thing which is what God leads me to do. My blog doesn’t exactly have the “blog look” but I guess that’s not what I’m going for lol. Thank God for His goodness and for your husband because you definitely have what it takes to teach people about blogging. Keep doing it to the glory of God!

    Posted 2.24.15 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      Oh my goodness, what an encouraging comment! Thank you Holly xoxo

      Posted 2.24.15 Reply
  3. Katie wrote:

    When I started my blog and asked God for a verse to give me direction. He gave me John 13:35. I know my gifts are teaching and encouraging and I believe it is my purpose to teach people how to love eachother. Really love each other through their actions.

    That encompasses a lot so I can get distracted. I try to return to another message he gave me. I have children for you. This too can mean many things. I know he wasn’t referring to my own children but his children. But his children like man kind or actual children?

    Again plenty of places to get distracted.

    I try to just write prayerfully and coming from a place of my own experience. God has given me a unique story to make me an expert. I am to use my expertise to bless others.

    Thanks for the opportunity to just have that dialog. Thanks for the perspective.
    You rock!

    Posted 2.24.15 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      Thanks for sharing your story, Katie! It definitely resonates and I totally get how easy it is to get distracted. Story of my life 😉

      Posted 2.24.15 Reply
  4. I love your words “we can be faithful for today”! Love that and great article!

    Posted 2.24.15 Reply
  5. Breanna wrote:

    I love it! It is so true if you start working about what everyone else is coming you lose yourself and your reason why!

    Posted 2.24.15 Reply
  6. Chelsea wrote:

    This is super great. I think I could read this every month and it be applicable. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

    Posted 2.25.15 Reply
  7. Sybil, What beautiful insight that you love others well who comment on your posts! I love that! And what a ministry it can be at times, to love on those who are hurting and commenting on posts. Praise God, I’m so thankful He give me words during those tough times!

    Posted 2.25.15 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      I couldn’t agree more – it is a gift, and certainly an opportunity for ministry. Thankful to God for that also!

      Posted 2.25.15 Reply
  8. KC wrote:

    Wonderful post! I needed the reminder about contentment 🙂

    Posted 2.25.15 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      So glad you found your way here then, friend! xoxo

      Posted 2.25.15 Reply
  9. Jann wrote:

    I loved this, “The thing is though? I can’t fill every niche. I can’t be someone I’m not. I don’t need to write about all the topics everyone else is writing about, nor do I truly want to.” Thank you for helping me understand my purpose in blogging a little bit more.

    Posted 2.25.15 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      That does my heart alot of good to hear that, thank you for sharing! So glad you found encouragement here 🙂

      Posted 2.25.15 Reply
  10. Oh, I just love this post! Thank you for putting the focus where it needs to be: serving God with our special gifts that He has blessed us with, and being thankful for what he has already helped us accomplish. You’re so right; when we get lost in comparisons, we lose the contentment and joy found in serving selflessly. Thank you for using your influence for good, Sybil!

    Posted 2.27.15 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      You are such a sweetheart 🙂 Thank you for that Liz!

      Posted 2.27.15 Reply
  11. I really needed this today! I’ve finally learned to (mostly) stop comparing myself to others in “real life,” but as a new blogger, this has opened up a whole new world of possible comparisons! I’m trying to set a strong filter for what my blog is about so that I can learn best practices from others and be in good community, but without compromising or watering down my message. I don’t want to do things because I feel like “I have to” or “that’s just what bloggers do.” Thanks for the encouragement!

    Posted 2.27.15 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      Brittany, I found your comment so inspiring & thought-provoking! “I’m trying to set a strong filter for what my blog is about so that I can learn best practices from others and be in good community, but without compromising or watering down my message.” <--- LOVE THAT! Those wise words will take you far, friend!

      Posted 2.27.15 Reply
  12. Starla J wrote:

    Such a great reminder! I try to stay focused on God and let Hom guide my posts. All for His glory.

    Posted 2.27.15 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      So, so good Starla! Thanks for this uplifting, inspiring note today 🙂

      Posted 2.27.15 Reply
  13. Kimberley wrote:

    Thanks for sharing. I totally understand what you mean about comparison. It’s an easy thing to do and I have found myself doing that a lot.

    God Bless

    Posted 2.28.15 Reply
  14. Kaye wrote:

    I just started my own blog and was in the midst of drafting a post when my mind drifted and somehow I ended up here – more specifically, this post. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. Thank you for this. 🙂

    Posted 3.1.15 Reply
  15. Monica wrote:

    Love this post Sybil! I am relatively new to the blogging world and haven’t yet built a network of fellow bloggers so the “competition” thing hasn’t kicked in. However, I do struggle with “ooohhhh I could write about that” … only to discover that I really don’t want to write about that, even though it is a great idea.

    So thanks for your transparency, I’m sure I will revisit this post for the reminders.

    Hugs & Blessings,


    Posted 3.4.15 Reply
  16. Stephanie wrote:

    Thank you for this reminder! I can often become discouraged about blogging and when I do, I forget the main purpose God inapired me to begin blogging! How refreshing for you to take us back to the source of this gift and remind us to simply be faithful. If we are faithFUL, then we are fully dependant on God to do the good work through us. Again, thank you!

    Posted 3.4.15 Reply
  17. Dawn wrote:

    I am confidant you did a fantastic job speaking about blogging, you are amazing!
    It is so easy to compare because what we write is so personal. It is easy to get lost in the shuffle, wondering where we fit…or if it matters becauase we take it to heart quickly, especially when we look at numbers.
    Comparison is the enemy of grace, really, and it is unfair because we are usually trying to parallel someone’s middle or end to our beginning.

    Beautiful encouragement…as always.;)

    Posted 6.13.15 Reply
  18. Gema Diaz wrote:

    It is so difficult not to compare ourselves to other bloggers. To be honest I began comparing when I joined the Facebook groups and then after some prayer I had leave them all. I began again when I learned to surrender these thoughts to the Lord and with the condition to only join to make connections and not numbers. Your post talks about being faithful. I must remain faithful to my calling and purpose even in blogging. Thanks for your words.

    Be blessed,
    Gema from

    Posted 6.17.15 Reply