Make A Difference Mondays {Volume 24} Socktober!

Via Socktober

Today I want to share with you something AWESOME.  A simple yet incredibly meaningful way for families and groups of friends to rally together to help those in need.  I had not heard of Socktober prior to this year, and I thought maybe you hadn’t either, so I’ve got a few details to share and then I’m hoping you’ll hop over to the Socktober website to learn more on how you can help too.

“Every night in the United States, an estimated 600,000 people live on the streets. This October, SoulPancake and Kid President want 2 million people to prove that even the smallest acts of love, like donating a pair of socks, can make a big difference in the lives of our neighbors who are homeless.”  –  Socktober

“Socktober was launched by Kid President creator Brad Montague four years ago. It’s a movement to get kids and grown-ups to help the homeless in an easy, fun way.  Last year, more than 10,000 schools, families, businesses, and churches rallied together to bring Socktober to life. People from every state and continent have taken part in Socktober!”  –  Socktober

Let’s hear from Kid President himself to explain the rest:  😉

I am excited to get involved with this for the first time this year!   I am thinking this is the perfect way to help my ten year old daughter take her mission to help the homeless to the next level  🙂  Let me know in the comments if you plan to help out too!

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  1. Holly wrote:

    Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 10.6.14 Reply
  2. I love the Socktober thing! You inspired me to look up home-less shelters in Singapore and inquire about how I can help. Thank you! 🙂
    I am sharing a post today addressing an alarming trend I have seen that society is pushing — that in order to feel sexy they need to show off and compete. It’s something that has been a struggle for me as I battle with myself to feel self-worth!

    Posted 10.6.14 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      Love all of that Chantelle! Looking forward to reading your post this week!

      Posted 10.6.14 Reply
  3. Jen Weaver wrote:

    Totally love this! What a great way to get kids involved!!

    Posted 10.6.14 Reply
  4. Thanks for sharing, I had never heard of Socktober before, but now I’m so excited to participate! And it’ll be so easy to round up some friends and family to get in on it too! And that Kid President, he is hilarious! What a cutie!

    Posted 10.6.14 Reply
  5. Dawn wrote:

    Awesome idea! He makes me smile just looking at his face in your post. I love the idea.
    Bless your make a difference changing heart, Sybil. I am just so stinkin’ blessed to get to read the generosity you share.
    You are awesome!

    Posted 10.8.14 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      Awww yay love that Dawn! Thanks for being such an incredible, sweet and much loved blessing!

      Posted 10.10.14 Reply
  6. I had no idea there was such a thing called “socktober” I will be getting my small group involved and donate to our local shelters! Thanks for posting this!

    Posted 10.13.14 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      That’s awesome to hear – thanks so much for taking the time to share 🙂

      Posted 10.13.14 Reply
  7. Sarah Ann wrote:

    This is such a great and easy way to impact the lives of others.! I love that kids can get involved, too! Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea!

    Posted 10.15.14 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      So glad you liked it, thanks Sarah!

      Posted 10.16.14 Reply
  8. Tara wrote:

    I love this!!!! Creative and a fun way to get involved. 🙂

    Posted 10.20.14 Reply
    • Sybil Brun wrote:

      Yay thanks for chiming in and sending your encouragement, Tara!

      Posted 10.20.14 Reply